Happy Hounds Kennels British run boarding kennels in the Loire Valley
Happy Hounds KennelsBritish run boarding kennels in the Loire Valley

Happy Hounds is a family run business set in eight hectares of peaceful undulating French countryside. Each of our spacious kennels can accommodate up to four large dogs with indoor and outdoor runs overlooking a calming environment. Adjoining the kennels are two large secure landscaped paddocks with shaded tree areas where our residents will be free either to exercise individually (unless they are part of a family) or to relax in the shade of mature trees four times a day. All exercise is fully supervised at all times with ball throwing, playing and cuddling being catered for! All our kennels are insulated to be cool in the summer and cosy in the winter all being individually heated for the cooler months.


Our residents comfort is our main priority. All sleeping areas are on raised platforms with individual beds and sheep skin rugs supplied for a warm and snug stay (unless you prefer to supply your own from home). With 30 years experience of caring for dogs we appreciate how important it is for you to relax in the knowledge that your dog will be safe and loved.


We accommodate all shapes and sizes of dogs and don’t discriminate against any breed. We do however request that any dog, no mater how large or small, wears a collar. We understand that our residents miss their families and for this reason we suggest that an item of your clothing or something from home with your scent on is brought along for their stay (along with their favourite toys although we do have a range!)


Food can be supplied but we do advise that you bring your own food as a change in diet can be disruptive for your dog’s digestive system. If however you would prefer us to supply food, we would suggest that you bring a small amount so we can change your dogs diet gradually. If you dog requires specialist medical needs such as diabetic injections or tablets we are happy to administer them.


As a local business we have a very good relationship with an exceptional local veterinary practice that is on call 24 hours a day in the unlikely event of an emergency.

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